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Tatie was born in Surabaya, second largest city in Indonesia. She graduated in Communication science in Airlangga university. Before moving to Slovenia, she had worked in various roles over the last 7 years in companies with different background. Her last job was at one of biggest data communications company where she spent almost 5 years in sales department and was responsible for entry network database and other things that are related to sales. 

- 5 years as sales and database administrator in PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta
- 1 month customer sales support at Citilink airline
- 1 year as freelance Journalist in Surabaya Post

She is an excellent communicator, speaking both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Now she is progressing with Slovenian. She is also a passive speaker of French. With 5 years experience as sales support she learned a lot about how important customers are and after sales service.

Mithra, Tatie Sri Wulandari s.p. was established in 3 December 2009 and is here to help you provide information about how to do doing business in Indonesia and vice versa (doing business in EU). We will also help you find and provide contacts in various fields, so that the penetration of Indonesian market would be easier, faster and more cost effective.

We provide information in dealing with central EU countries. We can also provide contacts to help you expand your market.


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